The best alternatives to Hey! πŸ‘‹ are AngelList, Sup app - Friends Nearby, and Beacon. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Hey! πŸ‘‹
  • AngelList is building the infrastructure that powers the startup economy, providing startups and investors with the connected tools they need to launch and scale a startup or fundβ€”and invest in both.
  • Make chance encounters with friends happen
  • Signal your availability and hang with friends
  • Press one button to get lunch with friends
  • The easiest way to get together with friends
  • A video chat app that allows you to meet with your friends and family by easily creating a room and sharing the link with them.
  • uLouder is a local platform which connects end-users instantly and automatically, by a self-determined (max 3.1 miles) geographical radius to seek information, publish stories or make announcements.
  • Easily accept RSVP's for your Wedding, Shower, Bar Mitzvah, or any other upcoming event. Simple for you to set up, easy for your guests to fill out.
  • YAS! is the fastest and most fun way to make plans with your friends on Snapchat. Select an activity that matches your mood, take a Snap with our fun stickers, post it to your Story, then wait for your friends to join.
  • Take away the friction of getting friends together for simple hangouts & activities. Crewship occupies the space between a quick text with a buddy and formal events with many people outside your circle: the result is getting together with friends more often!
  • See who's free. Swipe down to chill with your friends.
  • See who's around and who's down. Find where your friends are and plan hangouts on the fly.
  • - Search for hangouts and dating events OR create them - Once you agree to meet, chat will be enabled and 1 credit will be held from each party. When you show up, the credit will be returned - You only lose the credit if you do not show up or if you cancel
  • For people who shifted cities, travel on business frequently, or work remotely; give this product a shot, especially if its getting difficult to resume the social you! Get connected to people in small groups, people who share your context. Hangout in person.
  • Join an application based community to stay and hang with other founders, hodlers, and remote workers around the world
  • The idea behind this app was born from a desire to let people create a new connection and experience something more meaningful than a β€œlike” or a β€œfollow.” It’s all about being able to reach out to people nearby and interacting with them.