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Create your own crypto-token.

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MakerCoin is a way to get rewarded for your entrepreneurship!

MKC is a coin that rewards you for building awesome products and promotes a community of producers rather than consumers.

How to get tokens? Request some tokens from our Hexel page & include a link to your ProductHunt/product page, along with a short description of why you think you deserve some MKC!


* If you did not launch on ProductHunt, you'll receive a standard 5 tokens *

MKC Rates:

1) 0 - 19 Upvotes | 5 MKC

2) 20-49 Upvotes | 10 MKC

3) 50-99 Upvotes | 20 MKC

4) 100-149 | 40 MKC

5) 150-199 | 60 MKC

6) 200-299 | 80 MKC

7) 300-499 | 100 MKC

8) 500+ | 200 MKC


Hexel is a platform for creating and managing cryptocurrencies for communities. On Hexel, you can create your own crypto token for anyone like your subreddit, or your gaming channel, or your high school. You don’t do an ICO, you just give it away for fun and start using it.

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