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The best alternatives to Hempies are reel, Norton Point, and Ocean Cleanup. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Hempies
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  • Reel is building a new kind of paper company. One that cares about helping the planet and our fellow humans while providing fantastic and sustainable paper products. With their first product, you can get sustai...

  • Sunglasses made from recycled ocean plastics

  • Large-scale, passive, and efficient ocean plastic removal

  • A searchable list of sustainable suppliers to clean up your supply chain. ~ • Packaging, retail, textiles, restaurant, interior listings & more • Search & filter by sustainability, quantities, origin • Users ca...

  • Sunglasses created recycling snowboards and skis

  • Get signature Peach Bath Tissue delivered to your home monthly. Made of plush ply, air-finished, 100% sustainable virgin fiber. A purer, more uniform consistency which results in Peach bath tissue's incredible ...

  • Insulated winter coat made of recycled waterbottles

  • Microplastic removal machines and ocean plastic upcycling. Microplastics are extremely hard to remove from the environment en masse. Nurdle is relentlessly focused on removing them from the natural world. These...