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What is Greetabl?
Greetabl is a beautifully designed little box that unfolds to reveal a custom message and a perfect gift from someone you love. It arrives neatly parceled and is a delightful discovery waiting at the doorstep. On the giver’s end, your gift is incredibly fun to make. We offer a seamless process allowing you to fully customize your gift from the pattern on the card, to incorporating your own pictures and messages on the inside. Simply put, we help you send “the total little package.”
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Recent launches

Greetabl for Business

Upload personal photos and craft a special message for your customized Greetabl box so clients can unfold and proudly display photos at work, home, or anywhere happiness is welcome. Send a personal photo customized gifts for $15-$30 in less than 5 minutes. Great for any person wanting to improve a relationship.

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Greetabl for business
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