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The best alternatives to Glisser are Geneva, Zmurl, and Tame. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Glisser
Hiring, onboarding, payroll and mobility for your global workforce.

  • Geneva is an all-in-one communication app for groups, clubs, and communities. Chat, post, hangout, livestream, plan, and more — it’s everything your group needs to stay connected, all in one place. The app is f...

  • Build a beautiful page for your Zoom event in 2 minutes. Invite guests, collect payment, and more.

  • Arc makes it easier for developers to find remote jobs and build amazing remote careers.

  • Social distancing shouldn't mean social isolation. FREE Crowdsourced high-quality Virtual Events, Courses, Tools & Volunteering opportunities to keep you connected. Updated daily.

  • Fundo lets creators set up and host a variety of unique online experiences and earn revenue all in one place: • Host interactive group meet and greets; • Have 1:1 video chats with a built-in “photo booth”; • Te...

  • Commsor is built by community leaders, for community leaders. That's why we're creating community-first tools to help you build a better community to drive customer acquisition, support, retention and more.

  • WFH Happy Hour is Slack group where people from all around the world have virtual happy hour parties on Zoom.

  • A different kind of chat app, named after the Greek island. It’s a safe space where you can chat with close friends and family, or people going through similar life challenges. Members of these group chats will...

  • It’s a decentralized live streaming platform. Everything from the currencies used to pay (ETH & DAI) to the streaming is based on decentralized tech.

  • NBHD is a community platform for retail and e-commerce brands to better build and manage their communities. We leverage AI to drive consumer insights from discussions in the community and enable unique purchasi...

  • Toodls helps users to connect through common interests via virtual events or in-person meets. The activity options can include two or more participants and include live streaming concerts, cooking classes, yoga...

  • Intuitive SaaS event platform for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. The platform allows expo and conference organizers to run an effective event by keeping the audience engaged with easy-to-use event manag...

  • EventStub helps event planners globally to create and host immersive 3D virtual events that are feature rich and completely customizable to respective event needs.

  • Motaki made easy for artists and creators to make money, by hosting their shows/experiences virtually using metaverse or in-person, to inspire for trees plantation to save soil erosion.