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The best alternatives to Fundraising Hours are AngelList, Fundraising Kit, and Party Round. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Fundraising Hours
  • AngelList is building the infrastructure that powers the startup economy, providing startups and investors with the connected tools they need to launch and scale a startup or fund—and invest in both.

  • A free Notion page with everything you need to raise a round: 8 guides, 20+ templates, and 30+ tools. Based on 100+ founder interviews. Reviewed by 300+ founders 👀

  • Party Round is building better tools for founders, starting with an automated fundraising tool. Invite anyone to invest, generate docs, collect signatures & receive funds, automating your raise from open to close and turning your community into your cap table.

  • With TeQatlas founders and investors can now find each other, match, communicate, share documents & close deals 3x faster ⚡

  • DocSend is a secure file sharing platform that allows you to instantly know when your content is viewed, who viewed it, for how long, and much more. 34,000 companies across the world trust DocSend with their business files. See what we can do for you -- try free for 14 days.

  • Are you a startupper? Or are you an investor? To both, STOP wasting time by searching for the right investments! Join our platform and we’ll find you the perfect business partner. You’ll just have to meet and approve each other, nothing more.

  • Raising capital is hard, but we decided to change that. With our templates, resources, and tools you save time and money and learn how to fundraise.

  • For aspiring and idea-stage entrepreneurs up to the challenge, the Founder Institute provides a comprehensive step-by-step program to launch a startup, support from to startup mentors, and a global network of entrepreneurs to help you be successful.

  • Matchbox.VC is a platform for connecting founders with investors in a low pressure and fun environment. Founders get to connect and pitch awesome investors, and investors get to source hot companies, all while doing something they enjoy.