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The community submitted 38 reviews to tell us what they like about Frontly, what Frontly can do better, and more.
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38 Reviews
Christophe HK

Senior delivery manager

15 reviews
I made lot of no-code apps using Bubble, Glide, Adalo and lot of other no code builders. That's the past! I now use to create really effective web apps with great design and performances, and I couldn't be happier. The support is top-notch, always ready to help, and the founder is simply exceptional. The product evolves quickly and impressively, it's truly incredible!The integration of AI to design apps and custom blocks is just brilliant. This feature makes the creation process even more simple and intuitive, no design constraint. Moreover, Frontly has an active and highly participative Discord community. There is a lot of support and knowledge sharing, which is extremely valuable. What's more, Frontly now allows the use of Supabase Cloud and will soon support PostgreSQL for databases. It also includes webhooks and native integration with OpenAI, API access to via Gsheet and/or automation tools, making it even more versatile and powerful. In summary, Frontly is an exceptional product for anyone who wants to design robust and high-performing apps quickly and brilliantly. I highly recommend it!

titouan albouy
1 review
Top alternative to glide <3

Ola Fristedt
7 reviews
I started out trying frontly in oktober 2022 and became an early supporter. I liked the idea and wanted to see what can be done. From then to now, Wow, just Wow! Now I can actually make full worthy services and launchable products! It is a true no code solution with options to make integrations. New features popping up very often and they are based on what customers have asked for. I can truly recommend Frontly! Not only for the product itself but for the support from both Patrick and the whole team.

Lucas Hilty (The Dock)
Providing online content to educators
3 reviews
Over the past year, we've spun up a few apps on Frontly. With thoughtful updates and a thoughtful team supporting the platform, Frontly is an exception to the overpromise/underdeliver pattern I've come to fear in web apps. I'm looking forward to building more...

Stef Grandgi
Key focus and use the right tools.
2 reviews
I’ve been using for several months and am very impressed. The simplicity of creating no-code apps with AI integration is remarkable. The user-friendly interface allows effortless client portal creation, and the granular access controls ensure data security. What truly sets Frontly apart is their incredible support and active Discord community. Whenever you have questions or need assistance, they’re there to help. And the weekly updates consistently enhance the platform. Kudos to the Frontly AI team!

Marcelo Oliveira
A guy who likes AI, automation, no-code.
4 reviews
I started using Frontly about eight months ago, it's incredible to see how much the platform has evolved in that time, it's simple and at the same time very powerful, it's possible to transform a Google spreadsheet into incredible web app. In addition to several AI features, they recently added support for Supabase and this will take my apps to another level, I really liked it because I have the freedom to host my data wherever I want without feeling hostage to the platform, the team is great, always listening and supporting your users, the user community has a great energy, with good people helping each other. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in no-code.

Ankit S J B Rana
Wannabe Maker and a Marketing Enthusiast
19 reviews
Simple to use product, highly innovative, consistent updates, super awesome community of members and the best bit - amazing founders and support team.

Owen Anderson

Founder & Leadership

2 reviews
I am impressed by the regular updates and improvements that Frontly always brings, especially the ongoing AI tools to make apps and app element creation easy to implement. The Discord community is very lively and engaging, making the overall experience even more enjoyable. The founder and their team are dedicated to understanding the community's needs. They consistently create tutorials, support documents, and updates to help us to succeed. In a short time people are showcasing income generating, production ready solutions. There is no question about it, Frontly is an exceptional solution for rapidly creating NoCode apps.

Paul Taylor
3 reviews
I just love this community and how everyone gets involved to make this the best app builder. Who would have thought that having a founder that actually listens and implements the critical parts that make this as easy as possible to develop custom built apps!! It’s a credit to Patrick and his team, I have been an early adopter from day one and this juggernaut is not slowing down anytime soon.
Patrick Kelly
Thank you, Paul. I appreciate your support!

Dobromir Dikov
Excel Modeling is My Jam!
1 review
Frontly has quickly become one of my favorite tools over the past months. This is especially fueled by the fact the founder, Patrick, has built an amazing team. The customer service is absurdly good, and the rate at which they ship new features is honestly bonkers! I see Frontly as a huge competitor to mostly CRUD-app builders like Glide, Softr, Adalo, etc. However, Frontly has so many customization features and such a robust actions engine that I would put it closer to Bubble in terms of what you can achieve with the platform. There's a lot more to implement and work on to get there, but if anyone has my vote of confidence, it's Patrick and the Frontly team! Highly recommended, check it out!