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What is Flagright?
Flagright is the next gen software platform for financial institutions to mitigate financial crime and comply with AML regulations in real-time to enable secure, instant payments. Our products are transaction monitoring, case management, customer risk scoring, sanctions screening, and merchant monitoring. Within 1 year of its launch, Flagright is trusted by fintechs, payment processors, and even competitors across 6 continents processing millions of transactions every month.

Flagright tech stack

We're aware of 5 technologies that Flagright is built with. Flagright utilizes products like Microsoft Clarity, Next.js in their tech stack

Recent launches

Flagright AI Forensics
AI Forensics enables 90% faster AML compliance investigations through natural language queries, AI-powered auto-analysis, and decisive recommendations helping fintechs & banks to scale volume and grow without scaling headcount.
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Flagright AI
Financial companies waste a lot of resources in time and people to handle mandatory fincrime risk. Flagright AI automates repetitive, mundane tasks πŸ€– for fincrime ops teams and brings the power of GPT to AML compliance teams for the 1st time, globally! 🌏
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