The best alternatives to First Opinion are iCliniq, Neodocs Wellness Card, and CliniCloud. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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AssemblyAI — Multilingual Speech-to-Text API with superhuman accuracy
Best alternatives to First Opinion
  • Consult the best medical doctors online. 3500+ online doctors from 80+ specialities available for instant medical consultation. Ask a doctor online or consult on phone, HD video & live chat.
  • Neodocs lets you order instant lab tests from your smartphone. Our users are health optimizers who want to track and improve key nutritional markers.
  • IoT meets home healthcare
  • Zenefits for health savings accounts
  • A digital clinic for women
  • AMBOSS was created by a team of physicians, clinicians and medical students just like you who believe there is a smarter way to study and practice medicine. Our platform is continuously updated and written with the highest quality standards.
  • Antidote Health is an app that enables anyone to get treatment from a quality family doctor 24/7 via live video within minutes so they can get back to their lives! Primary care, mental health and chronic conditions treatment.
  • An at home diagnosis testing that promises accurate testing for sexually transmitted infections for the anonymous privacy of your own home - lower cost than going to a physician's office or laboratory..
  • Izzy, our flagship AI, is a multi-lingual healthcare chatbot and predictive analytics platform. Izzy integrates with any EHR and secures sensitive health data on a private or public blockchain backend. Fully customizable and ready to take on any task, Izzy can make a powerful addition to your product suite or healthcare team.
  • Kembot is an administrative & communications platform for hospitals with limited resources and infrastructure in the developing world. It has proven to reduce errors, improve customer satisfaction, enhance efficiency, and double the revenue of hospitals!