Virtual whiteboard for sketching hand-drawn like diagrams
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What is Excalidraw?
With the entire world working from home, Excalidraw is a way to replace a physical whiteboard. Sketch hand-drawn like diagrams on your own or live collaborate during brainstorming sessions or architecture interviews in safe way thanks to end-to-end encryption.
Shoutouts from recent launches
Excalidraw is a fantastic tool for whiteboarding. In the latest NotesHub 3.3 release we have integrated Excalidraw to unlock new user experiences for our customers, and we are happy more than ever.

Recent launches

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The easiest way to get your thoughts on screen. Quick drawings and mockups with a unique aesthetic.
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Excalidraw lets you create diagrams and sketches for free, download them as images and collaborate in realtime.
You can also add components from their library
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