epico comics [No Longer Exists]

epico comics [No Longer Exists]

Supporting translation of all comics in the world.
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What is epico comics [No Longer Exists]?
Empowering creators to reach a global audience by enabling the translation of their works in multiple languages. With the help of the community of fans, and professional translators as well as advanced AI and ML, we are able to provide translations of comics in multiple languages. With epico, creators can easily expand their reach and connect with fans across different cultures and languages, while readers can discover new content and enjoy their favorite stories in their native language.

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We're aware of 8 technologies that epico comics [No Longer Exists] is built with. epico comics [No Longer Exists] utilizes products like Google, Stripe in their tech stack

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Epico Comics
Epico is a platform that helps creators get their work translated into different languages and monetize them & reach more audiences (through their translated work) than ever before.
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