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Kumar Harsh
COO & Design head at Playlyfe Catalyst
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Review of Dopamine

Some more points I'd like to make (which can't be listed in Pros due to word limit): 1. It's very well designed - the whole app takes the colour of the currently playing album (or the current Windows theme if you prefer). The spectrum analyzer is perhaps the best I've seen in a Windows implementation - not too 'in your face', but still looks damn good (in the background of the app controls). It allows for much better drilling and cross-navigation across albums, artists, genres, years. It's shuffle is far better than Groove's (which has been broken anyways since the launch and MS doesn't fix it!) This should really be promoted more than it has been. It's a great app by a very receptive and hardworking developer - I just came to know of it via some listicle, and I've been using it for about 1.5-2 years. And you know what's the best feature of this app is? It's Open Source! By far the best designed OSS audio-player app on Windows.