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The community submitted 29 reviews to tell us what they like about Doing Content Right, what Doing Content Right can do better, and more.
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29 Reviews
Rudolf Jantos
4 reviews
Great resources to learn to clarify message/niche and get started to publish content that resonates with your audience.

Tomas Laurinavicius

Founder & Leadership at Best Writing

13 reviews

Abhash Kumar
VP-Marketing at Springworks
71 reviews
Recommended this product
I came to know about @stephsmith via her amazing Trends deck on the second and third-order effects of Covid in April '20. Since then I've followed her across Twitter, blog and Telegram (you get to be a part of the community when you purchase DCR - Doing Content Right) Talking about DCR, the guide is word-for-word the best guide produced by an internet creator in the past year or so. I loved the early pricing experiment that this book went through as well. At $50 today (with the code LAUNCH), it's a steal. Just get it without any more thought.

Anna Grigoryan

Founder & Leadership at Kradl

12 reviews
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If you want to buy one thing about content on the web, it's THIS.

Louis Nicholls
Founder, Javascript Believer
16 reviews
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Awesome resource on content from an equally awesome creator! So much useful knowledge packed into this book from @stephsmith. We've been using it to help us grow at SparkLoop and so glad we found it when we did!

Olle Pridiuksson
Community builder, Creator, Devrel
6 reviews
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@stephsmith friends of mine @angrigoryan__ and @doomhammer told you're a great person to talk to and to work with and suggested to invite you to our podcast for community owners to talk about your book and your community. Next available slot is on June 2, 16:00 CET =) Wanna join? More context:

Ebrahim-Khalil Hassen
44 reviews
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I bought the book/course several months ago and it is excellent. The presentation of ideas is helpful to get over blockages. For example, the chapter on "personal monopoly" is for people like me who are not comfortable with personal branding. The chapter and videos on SEO are helpful as they focus on the most important things (and not a gazillion ranking factors etc) . I have started doing the exercises and enjoying doing the work.

John Smith
Growth Hacker
29 reviews
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Nice product. Content marketing go hard recently so it can be helpfull. BTW: what do you think of gpt-3?

Fiona Aber - Taruona
Just a non-techie interested in tech.
3 reviews
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So I only bought this book last week and the breadth of the info has been overwhelming! It made me realise that I have a lot to learn, but that this book is going to play a huge part in that learning process. I'm glad to have it in my arsenal of resources!

Alex Edmonds
40 reviews
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what I learned to boosted my podcast’s website DA from 15 to 30 in a few weeks!!