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The community submitted 3 reviews to tell us what they like about Curato, what Curato can do better, and more.
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Jai Thakur
Product, ex-Banker, 3xFounder
22 reviews
Review of Curato
I would say that the team has done a great job in making something useful for the creators.

Indie maker at Mobile Media Mania

21 reviews
Many useful features for curation

Winnovator, UniqCraft, Creative Explorer
1 review
Review of Curato
This type of tool theoretically fills a niche. For example, creating a shelf of links (kinda like book app I used in 2006) for another person to peruse and valuable enough they engaged, especially if the alternative was text. Sending text tomes or text tirades can become tiresome and others will disengage. I would like to use such a tool to create asynchronous engagement with current events, products and such through links. I did have an experience being on app design team where transposed models from somewhere else and posted to Slack. Yet some of the work I did do wasn't considered different enough from the original and therefore not valuable enough. I would release the "reimagining" of sorts under Creative Commons. Some concerns: Monetizing your link stash is kind of monetizing other peoples content could it be construed as IP or content theft...? could it be covered under open licensing (Creative Commons CCZero (CC0-1.0), Open Data Commons Public Domain Dedication and Licence (PDDL-1.0), Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 (CC-BY-4.0), Open Data Commons Attribution License (ODC-By-1.0) or Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL-1.0) )...? would others be moved or engaged enough to donate/pay for a stash of links...? Some questions: will others be able to leave comments like a feed...? be important to back-post like Facebook (as I have many texts to this one person and to provide a kinda backdating of your service)...? It could be promising and collecting datat on some of these questions might be important.