Eliminates repetitive work with people.
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What is CrowdSync?
CrowdSYNC is an iOS application that allows users to relive live events by merging fan footage shot at the same time and place. Simply upload your clips, and they will be matched to other videos from the same event. Intuitive video playback allows users to recreate the event from any available perspective.

CrowdSync tech stack

We're aware of 1 technologies that CrowdSync is built with. CrowdSync utilizes products like WordPress in their tech stack

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With CrowdSync, you can eliminate tedious and repetitive tasks with people by building easy workflows to automate and track people through any process! From onboarding 50 people into your class, to putting out a call for papers for your conference, put people through any process, with automated reminders and an instant glance at their progress.

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