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What is ContraForce?
Imagine if threat detection and incident response were just... easy. With ContraForce, it can be. We're on a mission to make cybersecurity simple and accessible for businesses of all sizes by creating a simplified, streamlined approach to incident response. How we do it  👉 ContraForce condenses your security stack into one, easy-to-use platform. It eliminates blind spots, automates threat detection, provides one-click incident response, and offers actionable insights that stakeholders will understand.

ContraForce tech stack

We're aware of 10 technologies that ContraForce is built with. ContraForce utilizes products like Hotjar, Webflow in their tech stack

Recent launches

ContraForce gives lean IT the easy button for cybersecurity management. Always on security monitoring and incident response management – without the need for services or people that break the bank. Level up your lean IT team to become security experts.
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