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What is CoinDCX?
CoinDCX is launching India’s first Crypto-Crypto Exchange, where you will have the freedom to trade in 30+ pairs legally in BTC/ETH markets with 0.10% trading fees, and the most intuitive platform, all without touching INR.
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Recent launches

CoinDCX International
CoinDCX, a leading Indian crypto exchange with 14M+ users, is now global. Enjoy zero fees on spot trade along with products like margin, futures, and access to 1000+ tokens on CoinDCX Pro - A reliable, secure & ISO-compliant platform.
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ETH 2.0 Staking by CoinDCX
The ETH 2.0 Staking by CoinDCX is a user friendly way to stake Ethereum on blockchain. The solution proposed solves all the problems like penalties, 32 ETH min requirements, fees, infrastructure requirements and penalties with our solution.
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