The best alternatives to Coding Tips are GitPrime, Coding Notes, and Promyze. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Coding Tips
  • GitPrime is a reliable productivity analytics software that analyzes data from codebases to deliver in-depth reports on the progress of the software development process.
  • A simple platform that makes easy for you to handle your coding notes, packed with some useful features such as -Creation of topic wise folders, -Code syntax highlighter -Flashcards & graphical represenation for effective learning and smart preparations
  • Promyze helps you to easily define and share best coding practices with other developers in your company. Promyze works for any programming language, offers integration with IDE & Web-browsers plugins.
  • I decided to grow my online presence on Twitter sometime around May 2020. Since then I have been able to grow my audience from 50+ followers to 11k+ followers. This ebook curates all of my viral tweets and insights during this journey.
  • Share and explore quick snippets and tips on Laravel, Vuejs, PHP, and GIT.
  • HabitScript is a vs code extension that tracks your coding time and displays it on a web app with data point like most productive time of day, a number of coding hours, reward your coding time and much more
  • Smartful provides a daily dose of knowledge on a variety of topics, from history to linguistics to the arts and more. It's never been easier to learn something new and interesting every single day.
  • FactJano is a powerful and beautiful fact and short information reading app. The goal of FactJano is to make fact and information reading simple and easy. All facts have image, description and web links to learn more. Multiple fonts, layout & theme options. Explore a universe of amazing facts on any topic or verify the truthiness of any fact with our AI assistant.