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The best alternatives to HabitScript are 100daysofCode, Programming Hub, and Timing for Mac. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to HabitScript
monday.com for startups
monday.com for startups
Scale and grow your startup with one customizable platform

  • Official #100DaysOfCode & help developers participating to come closer. Part of @FreeCodeCamp | Founded by @ka11away | Written in #JavaScript by @amanhimself

  • Learn programming online on mobile or desktop for free. Google's Editor Choice app with over 8 million downloads. Start learning now with Programming Hub

  • Timing helps you bill more time by automatically tracking your time. It logs apps, websites, and documents. No more start/stop timers!

  • Coding Tips in New Tab helps you learn few tips from the topics you've selected

  • Promyze helps you to easily define and share best coding practices with other developers in your company. Promyze works for any programming language, offers integration with IDE & Web-browsers plugins.

  • TimeKeeper ⏱ is a simple mac app that keeps track of your working time, earnings and breaks per project and is made with freelancers and makers in mind.

  • No more infinite reading lists and opened browser tabs. Add articles you want to read later to Dayly and it will suggest you some each day.

  • Time tracking allows you to take control of your time. The next time you do something like driving, sleeping or working, track it using TouchTime to see where you actually spend your time vs where you think you...

  • We are creating a future where everyone has a personal AI Coach that hacks your life to upgrade your personality by analyzing real time psychological data and gradually adapt your subconscious mind towards your...

  • LiniTime; After the Swahili word for "when"; Is a free mobile Wakatime client. Get insights of your coding-behaviour.