Cheetah Note

Cheetah Note

A note app with simplicity at its core.
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What is Cheetah Note?
We need note app not word processor! Jot down notes and never mind about tag, folder, permission or formatting. Just write and check, no overhead, no friction.

Cheetah Note tech stack

We're aware of 2 technologies that Cheetah Note is built with. Cheetah Note utilizes products like Cloudflare, Font Awesome in their tech stack

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Cheetah Note

Always we are looking for apps to quickly take a note. And most of the apps starts simple but overtime features are added up finally become a word processor. (One of them is iOS stock note app. 😂) So, here comes another cliche, I made by myself. Introducing Cheetah Note. A note app with simplicity at its core.

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