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The best alternatives to Candy Math are Meta Tag Generator, Learney, and Fact Flow. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Candy Math
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  • Generate HTML code optimal for social media, SEO, mobile for your single-page app. This uses web standards from Open Graph (Facebook) and Twitter to provide optimal results. Also generates social media posts.

  • Learney saves you time by planning the optimal path for you through community-built knowledge graphs, given your knowledge and interests.

  • Math fact fluency builds a strong foundation for future Math success. Fact Flow is an easy-to-use solution for parents to help their kids achieve Math Fact Fluency. Adaptive algorithms help parents ask the righ...

  • 1. Create a schedule for your kids daily tasks and activities using our free online editor. 2. Once ready you simply download the sets. 3. Print out the routines sets. You can cut it into cards or use it as a v...

  • Snap any mathematical equation and get detailed step by step solutions. Math OCR + Wolfram Alpha magic 🪄

  • Memorizing math facts like 9 x 7 allow the player to do complicated math problems more easily and with better speed and accuracy. Manta Math has no ads and works 100% locally all the time.

  • Designed for ages 6 - 14, MathforMoney teaches children to earn and save their own pocket money while honing in on their math skills - a core component of financial literacy. This helps them develop healthy mon...

  • Mathfox is a simple app that lets you solve maths problems with ease. No need of symbols anything, Just plain text! It has many trignometry functions, logarithm functions and 150+ more that can do anythign you ...