Brite - All-in-one productivity app

Brite - All-in-one productivity app

All-in-one productivity app to replace them all
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What do you think about Brite - All-in-one productivity app?
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Boris Misikov
Founder at Brite: Productivity Super App
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Hi! My name is Boris; I am the founder of Brite. It's a new all-in-one productivity app available on Appstore. And we are looking for early users. The main idea of our app is to replace different productivity apps, such as task managers, habit trackers, budget apps, note-taking editors, diaries, mood diaries, meditate, on, and many others, with just a long, versatile, and fully customizable service. We believe that you don't need to use a significant amount of you don't need to use many apps and switch between them to stay updated on your schedule and daily routines or work tasks. Brite it in beta now, and crucially need feedback. If you are passionate about productivity and self-improvement, take a closer look, test Brite for a few days, and give us any feedback. If you find Brite useful for you, we will be happy to provide you with a one-year premium subscription as a reward.

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Марат Мисиков
Im an entrepreneur
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