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The best alternatives to Booqsi are Rocket Reads, Castyr, and Shout iOS and Chrome. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Booqsi
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  • A simpler alternative to Goodreads

  • Castyr is a new social podcasting and listening platform. Snip and annotate up to 5 minutes of audio, share it in the community feed, and organize it into customizable collections on your followable profile. It...

  • With the tap of a button, Shout makes it incredibly simple to save content you like for later or share it with family, friends, and followers.

  • Drastic redesign of popular social network for book lovers

  • Always forgetting to see what Goodreads has to say about a book before you buy it? With the Goodreads for Amazon Chrome Extension, you can read high-quality Goodreads reviews on the Amazon product page, without...

  • An opinionated take on what should be a simple, minimal, but efficient reading app, for people who declared Pocket/Instapaper bankruptcy. It only shows the first article in your queue, forces you to decide whet...

  • Periodical is like Goodreads except for online articles (not books), and it looks and reads like The New York Times (by displaying your tracked articles as a newspaper). Explore the information of the modern we...