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Don The Idea Guy
The Idea Department
13 reviews
Pretty cool, but wish the interface displayed more books covers and allowed for the creation of multiple shelves. I did the import from Goodreads and it worked pretty well, but I was expecting it to create and sort my books in the same sets of shelves I had setup in Goodreads. Does anyone else remember a tool called Shelfari? Man, I loved that app! I was sorry to see Amazon buy it and then nerf all the cool features as they merged it into Goodreads. I'd love to see incorporate the lost Shelfari features.
Brett Hibbler
Designer. Author. Consultant. Christian.
5 reviews
Fun take on sharing your books. It's still early in its development, hence the 4 stars rather than five. but with a few small bug fixes, a little more documentation, a UX tweak or two, and perhaps a few features more (like sorting for the user and viewer), this could take off. As it is, it very much works, and I've added it to my profile as a fun option to my typical GoodReads link.
Aneesh Varma

Founder & Leadership at Argo

1 review
I like it. Clean. Simple. Has the potential to become a better version of GoodReads as they add other features and mature the offering. Good start. (I like the hack of being able to bring in your GoodReads lists)
Product Hunter
1 review
It's incredible! Love to keep my book collection, and love how it looks