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What is BitMidi?
BitMidi is a web application for listening and downloading MIDI audio files. We tweet a new MIDI every day! Serving 100,000+ MIDI files curated by volunteers around the world!

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BitMidi for Android
BitMidi is a historical archive of MIDI files from the early web era. It's the best app to search for MIDI files and listen to MIDI songs.
Just type in the name of a MIDI file and the app will instantly search for a .MID file that matches your search!
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In the days of Geocities and Angelfire, a quirky HTML tag called < bgsound > enabled sound files to play in the background of webpages. Usually, these files were in the MIDI format. What a glorious era that was! Sadly, <bgsound﹥ has been removed from browsers and MIDI is obscure and hard to play back. UNTIL NOW! Check out BitMidi! ✨

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