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Get to know your co-workers like friends in Slack.
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What is Bill is Fun?
When your team gets to know each other better, meaningful relationships form. Bill is a Slack app that uses fun icebreaker games to bring your team closer together.

Bill is Fun tech stack

We're aware of 3 technologies that Bill is Fun is built with. Bill is Fun utilizes products like Next.js, Google Fonts in their tech stack

Recent launches

💨 Break
The smoke break, or "taking a 10", is a well known activity co-workers participate in together to socialize and escape the workplace for a brief moment.
With Smoke Break, you can recreate this moment with your favorite co-worker using a simple invite link.
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intro-me 👋
Becoming "part of the team" while working remotely is a challenging and time consuming process.
intro-me gives new hires the ability to share what makes them special with just a single link. It's fun, fast, and shareable on multiple platforms.
intro-me 👋 image
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