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What is BeatFlyer?
Make your designs dance! Animate any graphic simply adding some music. This is a companion app for BeatFlyer, the online tool which lets you create amazing animations from your flyers, album covers or even photos. BeatFlyer Videos allows you to view and share the videos that you edited and recorded previously from your desktop computer.

BeatFlyer tech stack

We're aware of 6 technologies that BeatFlyer is built with. BeatFlyer utilizes products like Hotjar, Facebook in their tech stack

Recent launches

Beatflyer 2.0
Beatflyer is the most powerful social media posts creator with a wide-range of effects which can also sync to the music.
Import your designs, design from scratch, or start from one of the crafted templates.
Beatflyer 2.0 image

Make your content stand out using a novel approach to animations: “Look Ma, no timeline!”. Export different sizes and formats to engage your audience anywhere.

Create unique and authentic animations combining an ever-growing list of powerful effects.

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