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The best alternatives to Barbell Home Workout are velocity.js, Stand App, and TheWorkout.Today. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Barbell Home Workout
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Snowflake Startup Challenge
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  • Accelerated JavaScript animation.

  • A simple Mac app to make standing a habit

  • A free home workout in your inbox that takes 29 minutes or less. Plus a mind-expanding reflection or prompt. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you will receive an email with a brain-tickling thought and a bo...

  • Powermove leverages A.I. to make home workouts interactive in real-time. Using your phone's camera, the app can automatically count your reps and correct your form. It feels like you are working out with a virt...

  • Download the app and get everything you need: + Pre-set training plan + Illustrated exercises for each muscle groups + Voice feedback + Detailed history + Beautiful, fit body and strong muscles

  • Workout tracker for weight lifting and strength training

  • Custom mesocycles, limitless customization, and peak hypertrophy training. Unleash your potential, sculpt your dream physique. Crush goals with Sculped – the ultimate app for bodybuilders. Maximize gains, build...

  • Spartacus workout is a workout in which you can challenge your heart and lungs as well as your muscles. The final product is a high-intensity circuit designed to burn fat and define your body.

  • 👨‍🔬 Fit From Home is the easiest home workout app based on scientific exercises. 💪 We took full-body compound excercises like the 7min workout, but with zero equipment! 📲 DESKTOP & MOBILE version. 🔥 Workou...

  • • You can work out anywhere and without any equipment. • Choose the areas to work on: full body, upper body, lower body & core. • Get easily fit in 7 minutes a day. • Get an extensive selection of workouts. • 8...

  • Get in shape and have fun while working out. We combine drills for your Fitness, Endurance, Ball Technique and Speed. Minimal equipment is required for training: a ball some free space and off you go.