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What is Arist?
Arist is the world's first text message university; we work with professors, companies, and experts to create text message courses and deliver them to consumers and employees around the world using our text message learning platform.

Arist tech stack

We're aware of 17 technologies that Arist is built with. Arist utilizes products like Arcade, Hotjar in their tech stack

Recent launches

60 Days Of Freedom

This summer, Arist is taking a stand against social media. That's why starting July 1st, Arist is using our platform to send free daily texts—each one uniquely designed—over the course of 60 days to anyone who wants that extra bit of motivation to be the best version of themselves. We want to give everyone #60DaysOfFreedom.

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Start every morning by learning. Powered by leading professors at Babson College, USC, and UCLA, Arist is the world's first text message course: one text a day for a month. With classes in entrepreneurship and public speaking, Arist makes it easy to learn wherever you are.

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