The best alternatives to AR Social are Shopify, Gumroad, and SketchAR. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 20 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to AR Social
  • Join the best of over 800,000 Shopify merchants selling online, in-store, and everywhere in between. For assistance, reach out to @ShopifySupport
  • Gumroad is an online platform that enables creators to sell digital products directly to consumers. With easy setup and no upfront costs, Gumroad provides a simple way to monetize content, courses, and more.
  • SketchAR is an application through which the user sees a virtual image on the surface of which they are planning to trace a sketch. SketchAR is commonly used as a g​raffiti creator ​and a tool for ​anime drawing​, though you can apply the technology for all kinds of painting arts.
  • Helping salespeople write personalized emails at scale
  • Fritz AI is the machine learning platform for iOS and Android developers. Use the Studio to train custom solutions or use our SDK with pre-trained machine learning baked right in.
  • Discover & show the best in augmented reality
  • -Add face filters to your iOS/Android/Unity/HTML5 apps - in a matter of hours -Advanced live video segmentation: hair colour segmentation, background removal and segmentation -DeepAR Studio: if you already know SparkAR or Snap Studio you’ll find it a breeze
  • You no longer need to learn coding or install any app to get AR experiences on your website. Just use Vossle’s Web AR and it is now a minute’s game! Get deeper customer insights and increase your brand engagement by using Vossle’s Web AR.
  • One selfie turns you into a 3D AR character
  • The Dyverse is a blockchain-based marketplace for 3D characters. These characters can be used in AR mode to create videos for Instagram or any other social media. You can also use them in Dyverse-partnered games. If you own a particular character, it belongs to only you and no one else can use or own it.
  • Vxcam is one of the most user friendly AR app on app store. You can create some amazing hologram videos that stick to real word objects and walk into 3D videos. Add AR texts emoji, videos in the environment around you. when done, you can take photos and videos while moving around them and narrating a story.
  • Ovice is a service which provides a virtual office for remote working. Our team is building space on the web where every member can easily access and work together literally in one place wherever they are located.
  • Hightype is a Berlin based Typefoundry focusing on spatial typography. They design fonts for use in spatial contexts. While exploring arising possibilities, they specialise in the necessities of 3D-environments.
  • This App enables you to create the new world with AR. Out now!
  • warpAR is a free augmented reality app for iOS that lets you distort the textures of the real world. Tap and drag to reshape buildings or turn murals into swirls of color using a set of liquify tools.
  • ARTSEE allows artists to upload their artwork in a matter of seconds, have their work previewed by thousands of users from anywhere, turn ordinary clients into paying clients, keep their clients and sales, and build their online branding and presence.
  • Jadu lets you to perform with holograms of your favorite musicians & performers. - choose from a library of performers - place the artist's hologram anywhere you like - get in the video with the artist - capture a video performing the song together
  • With Fabric, users open the app right to their camera to see and share messages in AR as thought bubbles overhead within a half-mile. Messages can include text, photos and videos and can be seen by everyone nearby through walls and other physical barriers.
  • Create a gift in Augmented Reality, add photos, videos or stories in it and send it to your friends to surprise them. Create stories and share them locally. Only the people around you and your followers can see them. We are a bit different... are you?