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Rebecca Goodall
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Review of And We Evolve
I would definitely approach this with caution. I didn't receive an order confirmation so was left wondering if my order went through, and never received a receipt or proof of purchase. I did email wondering where it was, and got a reply saying it was on it's way and that she loved looking at my pinterest - weird, as I don't have one. The bag of clothes arrived, and I was really looking forward to seeing what was in it. I do mostly wear black, which I stated, and did detail my typical outfits - I'm pretty basic, so black trousers / white tops, I don't do prints etc. Unfortunately, I didn't like anything that was in the bag. It was so far off my style that I wondered if I'd received the right bag of clothes. Whilst I said I'd consider red or mustard, and they sent a red skirt, I also got a blue jacket which was too big and not in line with the other sizes they sent me (mostly quite close), a leopard print sweater and a pokka dot top - when I said I wasn't big on prints? I never got an email asking if I liked the stuff, or if it was in line with what I expected or if I'd like to order again. I did email them stating that I didn't like anything, and got a mild apology and of course, they don't accept returns - perhaps because they know everyone would be returning things? If you don't have a defined style and you're very open to trying different clothes and you're into wearing retro mostly man-made fabrics then I would say definitely go for it, because the sizes are pretty spot on and you get a decent amount of stuff. However, if you do have a defined style or you're particular about what you wear - probably give it a miss.

Liz Funk
Liz Funk
Founder of And We Evolve
2 reviews
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