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Enterprise cloud based Digital Asset Management (DAM) system
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Steven Lam
Digital Asset Manager / Content Producer
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Review of Adobe Scene 7

Adobe Scene 7 provides document hosting and interactive publishing services such as online catalogs, targeted email, video, and image management.

S7 focused on helping companies prepare interactive advertisements for consumers utilizing their proprietary Dynamic Imaging service to let customers zoom in on products online.

Scene 7 is a cloud based Digital Asset Management and Publishing system and is part of the Adobe eco-system. Scene 7 specializes in the digital marketing and publishing industry. Scene 7 can be admin by one person or a team.

S7 is capable of storing all type of file formats: images and videos. Not sure about audio.

Scene 7 unique features:

-hosting and interactive publishing services from S7 to other digital marketing platform and media

-online consumer catalogs

-accurate search results

Scene 7 has lots of custom features:

-metadata templates

-download presets

-custom metadata fields

-search facets


-user group permissions

-asset usage rights and copyright

-asset start and expiration date to control asset launch and expiration date

-custom APIs integration

Scene 7 is Flashed base so the technology is a bit outdated but it is still very durable and feature rich. S7's UX feels a bit clunky, more like a PC than a smooth Mac OS. Scene 7 is still a reliable DAM system.


Jérémie Olivier
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