280 Elephant Arm by myCobot

280 Elephant Arm by myCobot

Six-axis collaborative robot
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What is 280 Elephant Arm by myCobot?
myCobot specializes in: Unique & Compact: an integrated modular design with only 850g weight; 6-axis & 2 screens: containing 6-high performance servo motors and 2 display screens; Tracking & By Hand: recording up to 60-min saved track.

280 Elephant Arm by myCobot tech stack

We're aware of 11 technologies that 280 Elephant Arm by myCobot is built with. 280 Elephant Arm by myCobot utilizes products like Google, Facebook in their tech stack

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myAGV is another new product from Elephant Robotics. The manipulator uses mycobot and loads camera Eye-in-Hand design. myAGV adopts Mecanum wheel + lidar + high-precision camera. Control mode: autonomous navigation, handle control, keyboard control, etc.
myCobot-Pi adopts a Raspberry Pi microprocessor.
It also comes with image recognition algorithm, built-in simulation manipulator operating state and blocky visual programming. Unlock more specific application with myCobot Raspberry Pi now.
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