The best alternatives to 2020 US Election Insights are Deep Dive Duck, Platformative, and 2020GIFs. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to 2020 US Election Insights
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  • 🕷We will monitor up to 1000 pages of your competitors' sites. 🔎We look for changes. 🏙We screenshot + extract text & html changes. 🎯We use AI to detect key changes (and ignore false positives). 🤖We use AI t...

  • Platformative allows voters to learn more about their candidates in a way that is direct, unbiased, concise and policy-focused. When you visit Platformative, you’ll be able to learn where candidates stand on im...

  • Express your support for a candidate by using their official gear in an iconic GIF, or mess around with unexpected mixes and matches with your favorite two candidates, like Bernie wearing a a Beto shirt 😄

  • Just in time for this week's Democratic Primary debates! Track the 2020 Presidential Primaries, General Election Head to Heads and Presidential Approval. View polls by type, candidate and state. Polling data is...

  • ElectChain's goal is to preserve, and advocate for the preservation of, information about our democracy for future generations, in a way that is censorship-resistant and easily verifiable.

  • is a questionnaire that will allow you to find out which candidate you are closest to, for the 2022 presidential election.