Zuli x Philips Hue

Bring indoor-location awareness to Philips Hue

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Hey PH, Sid Bhargava here — I lead product at Zuli. We're proud to announce today that Zuli works with Philips Hue. You can now control your Zuli Smartplugs, the Nest Thermostat and Philips Hue from one beautiful app. Zuli also enables Philips Hue lights with indoor-location awareness, which creates a truly intelligent experience for smart lighting. Zuli Presence is a more natural interface for the smart home. It senses who is in the home with indoor-location technology and identity detection, tailoring a highly personal experience. With Presence, as soon as the user walks in, the home is aware of their presence and automatically adjusts the Philips Hue lighting. As the user walks through the home, lights follow you from room to room and can sense when multiple people are in a space. Unnecessary interaction with smartphones, lamps, and light switches is eliminated — allowing them all to react directly to the user instead. Philips Hue customers can download the Zuli app today for free and immediately start using it to control their Hue lights, group them in rooms, set schedules, and view their energy consumption. Users can easily enable Philips Hue with Zuli Presence by picking up a Smartplug Presence pack at zuli.io We’ll be around today — happy to answer any questions!
I am a big fan of the Zuli Smartplugs, would love if you sold them in Canada. Also, any plans for LIFX support?
@askdaylen We do ship to Canada — just head on over to zuli.io, or Amazon. Our goal is to enable all smart lighting in your home with Zuli Presence — so LIFX is definitely on the list!
@sideology I am talking about shipping from Canada; so I would love something like Amazon.ca, Lowe's stores, or Best Buy would be great.
These plugs rock. Hardware is basically impossible to build and this team has created phenomenal technology in simple to use hardware with very sexy packaging. Impressive. This Philips integration is a great next step.
Can't wait to try these out. Haven't jumped into the IOT waters just yet. Trying to save for house first
@olya_marty This would be a great addition to your Philips Hue apps collection :)