Zuli Smartplug

Your invisible interface to the smart home

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Added to my "If You're Gonna Be An Airbnb Host" collection: http://www.producthunt.com/@anuj...
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@anujadhiya nice collection and great use case for Airbnb hosts.
Hey Product Hunters, Taylor Umphreys here. I’m the CEO and Founder at Zuli. At Zuli, we’re building the hands-free home where your physical environment automatically adjusts around you. So you can walk into a room, and your lights adjust automatically, your thermostat sets the perfect temperature, and you never have to physically interact with these devices, or take your smartphone out of your pocket. All of this is enabled through our flagship product — the Zuli Smartplug. With each Smartplug, you get on/off control of appliances, dimming control for lamps, energy monitoring and scheduling for any device you want to connect. Zuli Presence™ — our patented technology — works similar to an indoor GPS and can passively detect when a user enters or exits a room. We are the featured smartplug on the Works with Nest platform, and will continue to add in more integrations to enable other great connected home products with Zuli Presence. We are proud to announce today that the Zuli Smartplug will now be available in Lowe’s retail stores nationwide starting today, September 28th. Happy to answer any questions!
@tumphreys Wow, that's a nice one, though wondering what are the main differentiators from the bazillion of other smart plugs? :)
@arturkiulian good question. Our focus at Zuli is more than just giving you control of your devices via a smartplug, but creating an experience where your home adapts to your presence, identity and preferences. Instead of always having to take out your phone and manually control your devices, Zuli adds reliable room detection without additional motion sensors. We also integrate this Presence and identity awareness with the Nest thermostat, and will continue to integrate this passive experience with other great smart home products in the coming months.
@tumphreys Does the plug draw power while it's plugged in? Wondering how much energy savings I'd get.
@mijustin the power consumption of the Smartplug by itself is less than 1 Watt, which is significantly less than appliances, lights and other devices you might be plugging into the smartplug. The energy savings vary based on how you use the Zuli Smartplug, but has the benefit of offering real, valuable savings. For example, we have a customer that uses Zuli smartplugs for their water circulator to turn on in the morning and off when they're gone, which helps them save significant energy and water each day to not have to be continuously on. We've seen customers use Presence to save energy by turning off the window air conditioner when they leave their apartment, shutting off the power strip to their entertainment center to cut off phantom power, and things like shutting off lights in unoccupied rooms. These are tangible savings that can be set up and just continue to run daily without constantly having to do anything. While every use case varies, Zuli Smartplugs have the potential of paying for themselves in 12-18 months.
So one must be within bluetooth range to control the plug? In other words, since it's not connected to wi-fi, there's no way to control (real time) remotely? Fantastic product design/experience btw!
@mpnack I had the same thought.. cool product but wondering if I can turn a light on remotely if say I was across town.
Great product, awesome team. Looking forward to getting it in store!
@sievakozinsky You can buy Zuli Smartplugs at Lowe's, on Amazon, or on http://shop.zuli.io/ (free hand delivery and set-up in the Bay Area).