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#1 Product of the DayOctober 03, 2015
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Great name for a product. I feel like I'm already a user.
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@avizuber how did I see this only now?!
Founder here. Awesome surprise to be featured on Product Hunt today! Aaron and I both code and we created Zube to scratch our own itch. We wanted a seamless project management tool that synced with GitHub issues in real time and had a sweet UX. Ask us anything from server config to design!
@jenniferdewalt looks like a great product! can you compare to waffle.io? One thing I see in their advantage (from a cursory look) is they offer their product free for private repos as well. Cheers!
@jeremyemiller Waffle.io is good product and Zube is similar. We're both web apps that sync with GitHub issues. Zube is free for all private repos while we are in beta and will be free for teams of 5 people or fewer once we exit beta. As far as functionality, Zube gives you some things that Waffle doesn't: Comments - syntax highlighting; @mentions, emojis, issue reference autocomplete; live updating from GitHub comments for things like comment updates and deletes (so your data is consistent) Cards - Commit references, events, and card references. Consistency of data, especially when multiple users are moving cards at the same time. Boards - add and remove users from the board Labels - create, update, and delete labels from a repo (not just a card) Milestones - create, update, and delete labels from a repo (not just a card) Zube also has some UX features that differ from Waffle like each user having their own row, creating cards in any row/column and dedicated views for each milestone. Waffle has some features that Zube doesn't support right now like burndown charts and search. I'm not a Waffle expert so if I've misstated something here please let me know!
Yup AMA :)
How does Zube compare with Trello?
@webtech Trello is an amazing product and we really like it. We wanted to build something like Trello for GitHub issues because of our experience on development teams. We started by making everything you do update in real time both on Zube and GitHub. Since we were focused on developers we made the board layout as a standard developer workflow.
@jenniferdewalt Gotcha- thanks! Any plans to work with Bitbucket in the future?
@webtech We love integrations! We're currently thinking about Bitbucket, GitLab and Slack. Would love to hear other suggestions.
On a Zube board each developer has their own row, unlike a normal kanban board.