This gun lock is outsmarting smart guns

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My Gun safety technique is living in the UK with no Gun. I've had 100% success with it so far.
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@robjbye That's great. Living in places where you don't need a gun is awesome.
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@robjbye It would be funny to see a bunch of British cops trying to stop a terrorist with their bare hands
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@yehonatan_tsirolnik They do. It's called Mi5 with armed police (rarely seen in the UK) pre-emptively stopping them out of the public view.
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@robjbye fairly often. And with pretty stellar results.
@yehonatan_tsirolnik @robjbye the thing is that in the UK, if any criminal or terrorist is stupid enough to have a gun, the whole police force goes after them, even if they have fired it or not. They are given maximum priority. It's very, very effective and IMO a large reason as to why we don't have mass shootings every other week. Anyway, this is PH, enough making this about politics.
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Hey guys. I'm part of the ZORE team. Feel free to ask us any questions about ZORE. We're a group of IDF Combat Veterans from Jerusalem. We launch our Indiegogo Campaign for ZORE X, a Smart Cartridge Shaped Lock That Secures Semi-Auto Guns from Within the Chamber, Preventing Unauthorized Use and Promoting Firearm Safety, while Providing Quick Access During Times of Need. We started developing ZORE X two years ago after an incident of friendly fire in the IDF got us thinking about gun safety issues with the mission of preventing unauthorized use and promoting firearm safety, while providing quick access during times of need. You can learn more about ZORE here: http://www.zore.life/
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ZORE-X, a smart cartridge shaped lock that secures semi-auto guns from within the chamber, just launched on Indiegogo and offers a solution for gun safety that gun owners will want to own.
I don't like anything related to guns, but, congrats for your creation, I hope this can save lives ☺.
@gabrielreynard That's exactly what ZORE is about. We believe ZORE can save lives of at least hundreds of children every year in the US alone.
@yachdav_gilbar In a market where guns are allowed, this could be game changer on saving lives. It's all about demand and supply. Once again, congrats for the product.
I've been around guns my whole life and, while, not currently a gun owner due to children in the house, I would be very interested to see this in action. Unfortunately can't splurge on getting one right now as my primary handgun is being stored with my father until the kids are older. Looks like pretty great work though! Well done and hopefully the goal of improving safety for owners and those around them is successful! Also, to those of you leaving political commentary regarding guns, please don't. That's what reddit and twitter are for. Let the product makers have their space and respect that space. They've worked hard to create something that is intended to improve firearm safety for everyone.
@dnuzum Thank you very much. It's obviously a politic issue as well - but we did put a LOT of work into avoiding political issues and making a lock that makes us as gun owners feel better about our guns' safety and accessibility. We believe that's the key for the success here. Making something that meets gun owners' values and needs (yes - people that are against guns might like it because it promotes gun safety - but that's not the point. It's for gun owners and is all about giving responsible gun owners (which are the vast majority of gun owners) an option they can use if it fits their needs.
@yachdav_gilbar in my opinion you did a great job