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Get Started on this Brand New Marketing channel in 2 min. Whether its an Ecommerce, or Blog, Or Travel, Get subscribers directly from the Website, and Start reaching out to Subscribers directly through Messenger.

  • Vanhishikha Bhargava
    Vanhishikha BhargavaContent Marketer | Startup Enthusiast

    Easy to get started with, boosts customer engagement using the popular chat app


    None discovered yet

    Been using the tool for a week with an early access; easy installation and customization. Looking forward to more features that will enable higher levels of personalization than the existing ones.

    Vanhishikha Bhargava has used this product for one week.
  • Sampath S
    Sampath SI blog at http://sampathspeaks.com

    Super easy to use & very powerful


    Wish there are some templates/readymade funnels

    Umair has got a plenty of experience in messenger marketing.

    Would love to learn more from his Beer with Umair series

    Sampath S has used this product for one week.
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Mohd Umair
Mohd UmairMakerHiring@umair_sociopath · Founder at Wigzo
Thanks For Hunting Kevin, Hi Product Hunt family! We had been Building SaaS products for 3 years now, Enterprise and Medium large Businesses. This Product was special, we were struggling to use it, decided to create super easy to Build FB messenger Dashboard, with Subscribers, Analytics, Broadcast and Much more. And Voila. 🙀 Zoconvert allows any company to Get more subscribers on their FB Messenger, send updates to their audience right into Facebook Messenger. It’s a similar service as Mailchimp, but instead of using emails we use Facebook Messenger. They are two main benefits: - The average open rate with FB Messenger is 80% (against 20% for email newsletters). - The average click through rate is two to three time higher than email newsletters. Without any coding, you can connect our technology to your Facebook Page. Then people can subscribe to your Updates right through Messenger, Directly from your website as well. You will be able to send them messages with rich cards attached whenever you want. Last but not least, we will get access to all the data to measure the impact on your business: the list of your subscribers, who opened your Broadcast and how many times they clicked on it. I had love get some feedback and I'm happy to answer your questions ;)
Nicolas Le Roux
Nicolas Le Roux@nico_lrx · Growth Marketer
Hello there, Nicolas, founder of botletter.com here. Always happy to find a new competitor but I would appreciate if you could remove the pricing page you copied from www.botletter.com/pricing. Please do it your own way, it's always better if you come up with your own pricing page anyway ;) Let me know when the pricing page is removed/updated. Nicolas.
Mohd Umair
Mohd UmairMakerHiring@umair_sociopath · Founder at Wigzo
@nico_lrx thanks for the heads up As for copying, we inspire from the best. But as you login, you'll see its nothing like botletter :) we use sliders, you use sliders. There's nothing similar.
Ayush Chandra
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great job !! 😊 Will surely try it out , would love something for Twitter ? 😊
Siddharth Bharath
Siddharth Bharath@siddharth87 · Co-founder at afffluent.com
Awesome tool to promote your eCommerce products. The Shopify plugin makes it super easy to set up and use!
Anant Mendiratta
Anant Mendiratta@anantmendiratta · ceo, wisecalvin.com
Great tool. hands down. Messenger marketing was a pain. Not anymore.
Mohd Umair
Mohd UmairMakerHiring@umair_sociopath · Founder at Wigzo
@anantmendiratta Thanks anant, we try our best to bring the best of SaaS, and ease the pain points of marketers. Would love your feedback, once you have used it for few months.