This online course and workshop guides startup founders, designers and product managers to build products and features from scratch using a method called ZIZO (Zoom In Zoom Out). The method has 3 design layers from strategic layer to the detailed layer.
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Hello Product lovers! I'm launching a new online course and workshop that helps startup founders and product managers to build better products and features. I have been working with startups for a long time both independently and in organizations such as Singularity University and WeWork Labs. One of the most challenging tasks of early stage startups is to keep in mind both the strategic levels and the detailed levels in the design process. Many developers and designers are stuck on the details while others deal only with high level business perspective. The ZIZO method or Zoom In Zoom Out, allows founders and PMs to constantly switch between modes and design their products in three design layers: Flow, Interface and Action. They constantly shift between the layers and iterate while learning from designing in different perspectives. I have been doing workshops in Product School, WeWork Labs and Zinc VC and writing about this method for a while ( Following the feedback I received from startups, I wanted to reach out to as many people as I can so I create this online course and workshop. This course will evolve will time and I'll add more content as in every product that scales and improves with more feedback. The link includes a special discount for Product Hunters! Happy to answer your questions! Thanks! Illai.