The ultimate list of curated freebies for creatives.

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There so much (too much) competition in the curated resources space now... what makes this better than Makerbook and others? I used to think that peoples curation was the value in these sites but more and more I am seeing 'curation' of the same resources... once they become replicas of what is already out there it becomes way less valuable
@bentossell, I've yet to dig into either, but "free" seems to be the key differentiator with this one —that doesn't necessarily mean "better," but that could easily change the nature of how/ why one would use one vs. the other
@makemeister Makerbook resources are free....
@bentossell Not only does it feature the same resources, it features the same resources, listed in the same order, in the same categories.
I'm liking all of these resource lists as nearly all of them feature my stock photo site (ISO Republic), thanks for including it guys.