Decentralised, free browser-based video calling

Simple, Secure, and Fast. Zipcall is built radically different. We left behind slow bulky servers, opting for decentralized peer to peer calling. We engineered a platform with maximum video quality and lowest latency.
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13 Reviews4.6/5
Hey I am the creator of Zipcall! Didn't expect to see this featured on PH! Glad you like it! Reach out with any questions :)
@ian_ramzy Hey, Ian. Love Zipcall. Do you have an email I can contact you directly? I'm a Product Designer based in NYC, and I'm building community around product discovery and would love to ask you a few questions about Zipcall. Cheers, mate
@adamerbrown ianramzy (at) gmail (dot com) :). You can find more info about me here:
I'm very happy to see a tool like this. Good luck.
Looks great! πŸ‘πŸ‘
@alexanderspoor Thank you so much! I wanted to keep the chat interface simple!
@ian_ramzy I'm guessing this is a no-go because of how it's set-up, but any chance you might add video-recording and export functionality?
@alexanderspoor Interesting idea, will add to list of features to explore. Could be done.
@ian_ramzy Would be a game-changer tbh, low-latency calls on the record 🀀
@ian_ramzy well done sir! Latency is ridiculously low and the video quality is incredible. I’m most impressed with how well this works on mobile...without an app. How many participants can join a call at once? Great job!
@loganknowitall Thanks! I hate lag. For now it is just two per call. Group calling is underway.
This is a very interesting concept. Great work @ian_ramzy