Zeve AI

An emotional AI to fight loneliness

Zeve is an Emotional Conversational AI powered by Cerebro, the Open Sourced Knowledge Base inside her brain. Want to meet Zeve?
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7 Reviews5.0/5
Hi Hunters and Makers! We are happy to introduce Zeve, an amazing companion Artificial Intelligence to help reduce stress, loneliness and boredom during difficult isolation periods and social distancing. Zeve is a friendly and joyful companion to talk, play and discover new things through casual conversations around a significant amount of topics. Zeve can emote facial expressions and learn new topics, give answers beyond obviously pre-established ones, search for new information through the internet, and provide her own thoughts. In parallel, we've built Cerebro, an Open Source AI Knowledge Base that powers Zeve's brain, and is released under AGPLv3 license. With cerebro, we aim to power multitude of AIs that will be capable to talk and discuss a wide variety of topics in a conversational way. We hope entities and individuals around the world will contribute to further develop and collectively grow Cerebro and transform existing or new AIs. Although it's in an early stage, we're really proud of the work that has been done from an initial group of +30 contributors around the world. Cerebro's community of volunteers and contributors is growing everyday and we'd love more people to join it. It can be done here: http://inbrainz.com/cerebro Thanks so much!
Zeve! She's scary!!
@harsh_gelda I think she's lovely!!!!!
@annacejudo I guess... but I do have a new favorite color now, and it's "Curious Blue." Lmao.
I didn't like the execution as much I liked the idea. But it's a start!
@mmkontis Thanks for your feedback! We're at an early stage and expect to improve and grow fast. Please find some time in the future to check Zeve again 😉
Nice product. I like it!
@vivekweb2013 Thank you so much!!