Zeroqode Native Apps

Convert any web application into native iOS & Android apps

Zeroqode Native Apps is a tool that converts your existing web applications into native iOS & Android apps, automagically.

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9 Reviews3.3/5
Using the words “native app” is rather misleading. This isn’t much different from building a “mobile app” using Cordova. Kudos on the product, but the positioning really turns me off.
@dereksilva Thanks Derek, will note your feedback. However it would have been difficult explain the product in a few words without the words "native" :)
Hey, Producthunters! As you might already know we at Zeroqode work hard to make web and mobile app development simple and cost efficient by introducing no-code products & technology. Today we are launching Zeroqode Native Apps which is a tool to seamlessly convert your existing website or web application into native iOS and Anroid apps. All it takes is to download the source code and edit one config file to setup everything. No coding skills required! And you can implement most of the native add-ons like: push notifications, in app purchases, AdMob, social logins, geolocations and more Please let us know your feedback and we'll be here all day to reply to your comments. Thank you, Levon from Zeroqode
Once again you guys are leading the charge at reducing the technical barriers to web development. This is a much needed application and I look forward to testing it myself soon. Congratulations.
@gregjohnkeegan thanks a lot Greg! Always appreciate your support! :)
Sounds like the perfect product for us. Would this work well with a static website hosted on AWS S3?
@hugowoodhead yes i believe it would :)
@hugowoodhead can you share the url of your web-site so we'd check?
@levon377 actually is the domain we want to turn into an ios/android app
@hugowoodhead looks good and I believe should be fine to use with our solution. But in case it doesn't work for some objective reason we'll be glad to issue a refund.
Looks really interesting; However there is little to no documentation on the site other than the video? What features can I use e.g. push notifications etc.. etc.. would like in depth documentation
@benoj Hey Ben, thanks for the comment. The documentation indeed might not be complete on the page, but did you click on "read more" link above the buy buttons? There in the popup window you'd see more about the supported features. Also the in depth documenation on installation and step by step guides are provided in the package when it's purchased. The youtube video that you can find on the page may also give you some idea of how it works. Please let me know if it works or you'd still like to get more details
@benoj @levon377 Video doesn't load on my computer - either Safari nor Chrome. Also, I'd love to read the docs before purchasing! :)
@benoj @thook ​Oops, there was a temporary glitch, fixed now. Thanks!