Zeroqode 2.0 is a one-stop shop for both No-Code products (templates, courses, backends, web2native) and services. We offer a growing number of functional app templates with polished UI/UX. No-code tools and technology make launching new products and services up to 10x faster. No programming skills required.

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🎈🎈🎈 Hello there Product Hunters, I’m thrilled to announce Zeroqode 2.0 to you today! We’ve had an incredible year developing new tools and services and expanding the existing ones. Since we have launched Zeroqode on Product Hunt about a year ago we have increased the number of templates from 20 to 52 so you can build even more stuff without code using ready-made templates. We have also built more than 100 plugins to enhance the possibilities of the no-code platform we use - Bubble. Then we got covered by Techcrunch which was a great endorsement of our achievements. As we step into this next era of Zeroqode, I would like to ask you again to share with us what have you built or planning to build with Zeroqode’s products. Also, I’d love to hear feedback regarding future products, tools, or services you believe would improve the way you create. As always, my amazing team and I are here to assist you in your No-Code endeavors - just drop us line below! :) Thanks 🧡 Levon @ Zeroqode
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Hi @levon377 ! I have some requests in the forums around the fundamental bubble AST and building native apps. I don’t know your roadmap, but I believe I have a solution brewing very quickly. Please DM me on Twitter (@jhampton) or on the forums if you can - I think there is a “win-win” for Zeroqode and it’s customers. Love the platform, keep it up! -Jeff
@jhampton hey Jeff, thanks, sent you a DM on Bubble Forum
@igityan_hayarpy Thank you! :) do you have any particular idea that you would like to build without code? 😉
Big fan! I have used Zeroqode and I highly recommend them. Their customer support is also fantastic.
@leon_petrou Thanks a lot for your feedback Leon 🙏 how is your project coming along?
@leon_petrou I read on the website that this is NO template support.
@makejagger I don't have any experience with their templates so I can't comment on that, but regarding their plugins they have great support.
@levon377 Great actually, I have finally launched my MVP, ... It's a deal finding app to easily find restaurant specials that are close to you. I'd love to get your feedback on it sometime. Thinking of putting it on Product Hunt.
@leon_petrou @makejagger We don't commit on support because if we do, then users expect us to go and do modifications and customizations for them when they buy the template or expect explanation how to modify each little workflow, which is simply impossible and we can easily end up spending all our time doing free work for users. However whenever there are any general questions about template features or database structure and general guidance how to use the template we always assist all our users as you can see on the forums (both Bubble forum and Zeroqode one)
Is this an alternative to Bubble or an add-on to it?
@arunpattnaik Hey Arun, we use Bubble to build our templates and all our plugins are indeed add-ons to it :) Are you a Bubble user already?
@levon377 Yes, my SaaS is built on Bubble.
@arunpattnaik oh you must have bought it from Reece? :) I remember it was built by him..
@reecelyons2 @arunpattnaik it is indeed :) it's a great product and we also wanted to buy it but seems that you have offered a higher price 😉
website is dead. I hope your landing page isn't the same thing as a zeroqode app.
@stewartjarod no its not :) it was a very short glitch which got resolved quickly sorry about that