Zeroheight for Figma

Collaborative design system documentation synced with Figma

zeroheight lets you easily create living styleguides and keep all your design system documentation in one place
The styleguides are:
• quick to set up and maintain
• user-friendly so they can be edited by anyone
• synced with Figma, Sketch and code patterns
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14 Reviews5.0/5
Hey everyone 👋 zeroheight is a product that makes it easy to keep all your design system documentation in one place, synced with Sketch, code... and now Figma! The benefit of using zeroheight for design system documentation vs simply documenting components in Figma is that you can: • create a beautiful, customizable living styleguide to showcase your design system • document design decisions and code in the same place easily • write sophisticated documentation using a rich-text editor that can embed content from 3rd party tools (YouTube, Drive, CodePen etc.) Since we launched on PH six months ago, integration with Figma has been our most highly requested feature. Thanks to the Figma API and support from the Figma team, we're excited to be able to offer zeroheight to the growing population of Figmates 😊 Looking forward to chatting with you all throughout the day – let us know what you think below!
@j_delafargue Great app! One issue/feature request: any idea how to demonstrate what links look like, seems the underline and colour from Figma isn't applied to the typography in Zeroheight?
Hey @daniel_caine2, that's because I believe Figma styles don't include colour as part of the saved style (unlike Sketch does) - does that make sense?
@daniel_caine2 re underline - that should now be fixed!
Great product. I'm looking for a tool like Zeroheight. Your pricing is not too hight and the interface is very pleasant. I could be one of your customer in few week ;)
@b_tallandier Hey Benoît! Awesome to hear that :) 🙏
Been waiting for this. Thanks for building it! Our team will start using it this week.
@_taylorpalmer amazing! Let us know what we can do better :)
Really nice design, I like the videos playing in the background
seems nice