zeroheight 1.0

Convert your mobile designs to developer resources.

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We've been beta testing for Zeroheight and I can say these guys are onto something. Their product helps bridge the workflows between designers and developers. Definitely check it out.
@joelfreeborn Thanks, Joel! Glad to hear it's proving useful.
Absolutely fantastic! My dev and I needed something like this. Let's try it this weekend with our upcoming project on sketch and see how it goes :) :) :)
@baronromain Go for it! Get in touch if you need any help
Zeroheight converts your mobile designs from Sketch & Photoshop into iOS/Android resources for developers. The resources (XML layout, assets for all resolutions, colours etc.) can be downloaded directly into the appropriate iOS/Android folders using a command line tool. They are also kept in sync with the design so it's much easier for a designer to update an app's UI.
Great to see this and other tools emerging to help bridge the gap in design-to-development workflow. I'm curious to see how this compares to something like
@jydesign Thanks James! Indeed, we think there's still a lot of fun things to tackle in this space :) Re: differences, we provide a bigger set of resources, including a layout template (Android-only for now), which removes the need to keep checking a spec. The integration on the dev's side is smoother - one command to run - and when the design changes, the dev can stay up to date after seeing a visual diff.
I've tried Zeplin and there's another one in the works - Kudos for supporting Photoshop and Android.