Zero Percent

Alcohol tracking chatbot & 100 day no drinking challenge 🏆

#3 Product of the DaySeptember 20, 2019
Join a community of people cutting back on alcohol – track your zero alcohol streak and stay motivated against peer pressure.
If you're feeling bold, take the challenge and put down $100 to go 100 days without drinking. Make it to the end? Get ALL $100 back... But lose all your lives? We get the $100 😂
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What's up ProductHunt! ✌️ I finally managed to release the first version of my no-drinking community app, Zero Percent. Inspired by @justinkan's No Drinks Telegram group and the growing trend of non-drinking, ZP aims to become a new community hub – starting with a tracker chatbot and a no drinking challenge! Hope you like it! Will be around today to answer any Q's 💥
@johnny_makes Congrats on the launch!
@andreyazimov Thanks! ✌️ The day has finally come!
Awesome work Johnny! Great mission too
I reckon you nailed it, mate!
Awesome way to keep track of your daily alcohol usage. And some shocking results 😱