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Zero BS CRM is what we use at Epic Plugins (built out of a personal need). We wanted a CRM system that was easy to use and not bloated with features that we have to pay monthly for. So Zero BS CRM was created to cut out all of the cr*p and we wanted to share the creation with the Product Hunt community. Interested to know what you think :D
@mikemayhem3030 Thanks for the hunt... keen to get feedback. We're early days with Zero BS, but we're going to build fast on feedback! So much value I think we can add to a self-hosted, slimmed out CRM.
@woodyhayday no problem. Definitely keen on feedback on the product from other Hunters @nireyal @dan_hauck :)
From BS to $$. Congrats on your launch!
@brandonuttley thanks Brandon, glad you like the concept. It's been a joint build between @woodyhayday and @epicplugins. Really happy to be featured on Product Hunt.
Looking forward to giving it a spin! We've been Epic Plugin customers for a while and love their work and attending to detail!
@ralphquintero Great to hear. This has all of the Epic Plugin gadgetry, with the added input from me, so we're confident it'll mature into a solidly usable platform for many businesses of many types. As it stands it's a gateway CRM for local biz, and with extensions it's a make-your-own version of some of the better ecommerce offerings. But it's early days, feedback is everything now, and we're gonna run far with it. Please do share your thoughts, thanks for stopping by :)
I like that there is an option to use it for firms rather than individuals contacts because that suits some B2B businesses. And I like that Zero has an option to allocate roles to editors, which protects essential info to admins.

I really enjoy the clean and simple approach to CRM. This is the way it "should" be.


Getting a new business off the ground can be tough. This helps keep your sanity!



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Thanks John :) glad you like it