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Hey everyone! I'm Berk, one of the co-founders. With Zeplin, we’re actually scratching our own itch, working for a world where designers and developers can collaborate with maximum efficiency. For now, Zeplin supports Sketch (Photoshop is on the way.). We'd be happy to hear your feedback and answer any questions!
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@berkcebi Looks cool... whats the pricing ?
@acondurache Not 100% decided on "prices" yet but it'll be subscription based - very similar to InVision - based on your number of projects.
@berkcebi Wow, nice work guys, I'm excited to use it. We literally wrapped up product design for @heatmapps yesterday and I was starting to think how I will convert them into production notes for UI. What's the best way to provide feedback?
@narekk @berkcebi @heatmapps That's great to hear :) You can reach me whenever you want from pelin (at) zeplin (dot) io
@pelinkenez @berkcebi How does this compare to InVision? Pixate? Trying to understand how best to fit this into iOS workflows. Thanks!
Did you use Zeplin to design the Zeplin app?
@chrismessina Of course we did. Zeplinception! Here is a screenshot of Zeplin while we are working on our web app :) http://bit.ly/1oYSAfT
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@pelinkenez I'm glad to hear you went deeper!
Good stuff. I was thinking it was something more like @redpenapp. You should probably indicate that is is a mac download on the landing page. I signed up before I knew. I use Windows
One of the problems when handing off mock-ups is that you end up with px values everywhere, when they should really be em values. For example, when creating a button, you may have 18px of padding, but what you actually want is 1em because you want it to scale with the font size of the button. Any thoughts around helping designers explain their intent rather than the fixed values created in a mockup? What are you pursuing to help designers and front-end developers create design systems rather than individual pixel-perfect unicorns?
@vinspee Hey, this is definitely an area we are exploring and want to focus on! Suggesting em units instead of px units means reflecting the intention of the designer which is a little challenging UX-wise. We're currently doing conversions for Android and iOS though (px to dp, px to pt) according to screen resolution. Similar to this idea, we're also brainstorming on how to enable designers to set constraints (Auto Layout-ish) on layers to better communicate the responsiveness of the design.
@berkcebi I've been digging deep on constraints lately (and how they can apply to CSS specifically). I think that's a great route to go.
Zeplin will be 10 times better than Avocode after beta. I hope.